Casa Joëlle Sauvage

Joëlle Sauvage

Who I am ?


“ I thank life for all what I got…..Life gives me so much…

I am a medicine miracle !!

One of the first patient in the world with open-heart surgery and a prosthetic replacement of the aortic valve and with 2 pregnancies thanks the doctor de Jonghe.

Born with a heart defect, I was told not to live more than 30 years….


Thanks the team of doctors PONLOT, CHALANT, EL KHOURY , and their struggle for life, I am here, speaking to you !

I have trust them, so I ask you to trust me as well, JUST TRUST ME !!

Give me the opportunity to become your messenger between Belgium and Spain !

Let speak your heart !

Save lives !!

At every sale, I promise to make a donation to the cardiological league !!

Life is so beautiful !!